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Hello, I'm Timo and a student of business information technology at Helsinki business college. I'm also a junior fullstack Javascript developer looking to land a job.

Maybe it comes with time that I learn to prefer some areas of the development process over the others, but so far I've been just enjoying the whole ride: front-end, back-end, cloud and the little devops I know. So I'm up for pretty much anything.


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I first got into programming way back when I was studying material science at Helsinki University of Technology. I had a brief introduction to Java, C/C++ and Visual Basic and I liked it immensely. At the time - when my main studies were something completely different - it did not even cross my mind, though, that I could some day maybe make a living out of programming. So I continued studying what I had originally planned and eventually just gave up on writing code.

The excuses are plentiful. My time was limited and network thin. The resources didn't feel limitless like they do now. I had no clear image where to go next, ...and so on. The good thing is, I got to experience the fun of programming again later.

Two years back - after once again thinking about my and perhaps everyone's favorite question: 'What am I going to do with my life' - I had an idea that maybe there is some good online material about programming and after a little refresher, could there be any place for me to study towards becoming a professional.

I found Java MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and Helsinki Business College and here I am, looking to apply my knowledge for someone's benefit.


Where: Aksios Corporation Oy

When: 20.01.2020 – 20.04.2020

Role: Internship as a fullstack developer with company’s Sitro.net – SaaS product.

Stack: Javascript, React, PHP and MySQL.


Stronger Skills


Developing Skills

Python, Java, Php, React Native, GraphQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, AWS, WordPress, Travis CI, Cypress, React Testing Library



Features: Simple product and availability checker program for three product categories

Stack: Typescript, Node, Express, Jest, React, React Testing Library, Supertest, Docker

What is this all about?: Find out

Repo: Click Here

Online: Heroku


Features: Dating site includes creating and updating profiles, profile search, messaging, chat etc.

Stack: React, Node, Express, MongoDb, Cloudinary, React Testing Library, Supertest, Jest, Cypress

Repo: Click Here

Online: Heroku

tunne-app image 1 tunne-app image 2
tunne-app image 3 tunne-app image 4

Features: An app for helping people recognize their feelings and needs.

Stack: React Native, Jest, React Native Testing Library.

Repo: Click Here

Online: Expo


Features: Simple Api for analyzing text.

Stack: Typescript, Node, Express, Jest, Supertest, Travis CI

Repo: Click Here

Api-endpoint: Heroku


Features: guitar learning page (notes, scale degrees, scales) for aspiring guitarists. Still in progress.

Stack: React

Repo: Click Here

Online: Github Pages


Features: shortest route application for four different bus lines. It uses Dijkstra’s algorithm for routes.

Stack: React, Canvas

Repo: Click Here

Online: Github Pages